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Basic Management Training


This programme covers the core areas of management. The topics that will be covered include; Effective Delegation, Managing People, Managing Meetings and Decision-making for Managers.

Effective Delegation

Effective Delegation will be discussed and its benefits will be well deliberated upon. Tasks that can be delegated and those that should not be delegated will also be addressed, including characteristics of who should be delegated to and why. The process of Delegation will be evaluated and reasons why this process is important. Who has the authority to delegate and who holds ultimate responsibility during the Delegation process will be covered.

Managing People

Managing People, covers the attributes of a good manager, Communication in the workplace and what it takes to lead a Team. Approaches to dealing with and solving problems in the workplace are highlighted and discussed. Staff appraisals will be addressed and this module rounds up with motivating staff for optimal performance.

Managing Meetings

Managing Meetings introduces participants to what is required when holding meetings. What needs to be done before the meeting, during the meeting and after a meeting has been held. The process of conducting a meeting is covered with the relevant authority lines and the documentation of the outcomes of discussions at the meeting.

Decision Making

Finally, the process of Decision making will be evaluated, including solutions and styles of evaluation. Priority lines needed for making decisions are also discussed. The responsibility of managers in the workplace is stated. Participants are taken through a case study on Decision making to round up the day. This is a 1-day programme.