Big business means big changes. We understand that, and we’re here to help.

Helping You Grow Bigger

Growth isn’t just resources, although they certainly play a big part. It’s also about markets, opportunities, networks, and strategy. We can help you find what you need, and make the right decisions.

Access to Finance

As an accredited BDSP to the Bank of Industry, we can facilitate your application process, and give you a better shot at getting financed.

Capacity Building

Our special O&M diagnostic identifies skills and knowledge gaps within your organisation. We design, build, and customise, capacity development plans to fill these gaps.

Corporate Strategy

Corporate strategy is at the heart of business growth. Our 15-year model has succeeded in catalysing the businesses of all of our clients.

Facilitating Market Entry

Our extensive involvement within the organised private sector (OPS), provides us with the local knowledge and expertise needed to enter the Nigerian marketplace.

Growth Management

Growth-oriented enterprises quickly find themselves operating outside the framework of their business plan or idea. We help you take that critical step back to identify those actions to be taken that will realign you with your business vision and mission.

Project Development and Finance

We have extensive experience with international development partners in private-sector development. We are excited by the opportunities in this economy. Let us help you roll out your next project.


Recruitment can be a real chore in a country with over 100 million Job Seekers. Let us take the hard work of shortlisting off your hands and get you the applicants that fit your needs.

Visioning Session

Just like a personal vision, a business vision is integral to the growth and direction of your organization. Let us help you see and prepare to be, all that you can be.