Business Writing

Business Writing Training


The TMC Business Writing Course was created about 20 years ago to meet the desire of busy Entrepreneurs and Senior Executives to ensure that their staff can respond to letters from partners, clients, suppliers and other third parties.

Identifying Your Audience

The Course starts from the conceptualisation of writing letters. Participants are taken through identifying who it is they want to write to, identifying who the reader(s) of the letter will be, and planning the content and structure of the letter.

Formatting Your Letter

Next, the format of the letter is discussed and what constitutes the various parts of the letter from the opening paragraph to signing off. The various conventions involved in the business letter-writing process are highlighted and participants are encouraged to discuss their challenges in the letter-writing process. A number of exercises are performed throughout the process ensuring that participants not only understand but practice at the course venue before getting back to the office environment.

Sentence Structure and Punctuation

Other issues that are discussed during the course are how to arrange sentences into paragraphs and the reasons behind this, plus problems associated with sentences and paragraphs. The power of punctuation is brought alive through exercises and sharing of experiences.

The various problems with the letter-writing process are discussed in great detail and exercises are conducted plus group work to show the participant how to avoid these problems.

Workbook Exercises

TMC has provided a published workbook on Business Writing which will used to conduct the training and which each participant will take away as a reference material for future use.

We have gotten wonderful feedback on the effect of this programme from our clients and eagerly await your feedback after your staff get back from this training programme.