Marketing and Customer Service

Introduction to Marketing & Customer Service


This course is very interactive and covers Introduction to Marketing and Customer Service, as the 2 broad subjects for the Course.

Introduction to Customer Service

We kick off the training Programme with Introduction to Customer Service where we cover the following topics; Who is your Customer and Understanding Customer Service. We get participants to take another look at their Customers and understand them with a view to having a long-lasting relationship. We delve into the expectations of customers as against the expectation of the Customer by the Business owner.

This takes us to the issue of Developing Customer Relations and how to communicate with your customers. Participants are taken through a case study whereby they are able to look at the customer in a transaction situation and see the choices the customer is faced with and work out the best way to provide Service.

Introduction to Marketing

We start the Introduction to Marketing by focusing on identifying your Target
Customer. We utilise segmentation to create the profile of the Target Customer to whom we are selling our products or services. Participants will perform group work in segmenting their market.

Product Positioning is used to make the Brand stand out from its competition using various indices and finally, we develop our Marketing Plan which indicates how the company will communicate with its Customers and the Market.

This is a One Day Programme