Ebun Aleshinloye

TMC x Alesh

The past year has been a fruitful one for our blog here at
TMC. As a rule, we decided that we will post quarterly
articles that our readers (that is, you) would find useful.
Not only did this stabilise our writing cadence, it also
made us a more reliable source of content during the year.

Now you may or may not have noticed, but in addition to
writing more powerful articles, we also had them better
illustrated. Thanks to our new contributor, Mr. Ebun Aleshinloye.
An Editorial Cartoonist at heart, Mr. Aleshinloye has
made a lasting impact on the blog and its readers by
illustrating every single article since Q1 2022 with his
unique and imaginative art.

Throughout the year, Mr. Aleshinloye consistently provided
the blog with a steady stream of cartoons that showcased
his style and creative vision. His work can be seen not only
on our blog, but also on his personal publication called
Drawings & Notes by Alesh,
which offers a paid subscription for anyone looking for a
regular supply of his artwork.

In addition to his on-demand illustrations, Mr. Aleshinloye
is also vocal through his artwork about the Nigerian social
and political situation. Whether through his art or through
his words, he has inspired and motivated others with his
critical eye.

The blog has been fortunate to feature some of Mr. Aleshinloye’s
original work over the course of last year, including our
favourite piece: a combination of business man and successor
which he created for our article on succession planning.
His work has delighted us in many ways and it is clear that
his contributions are a valuable addition to the blog and its

As we look ahead to the rest of this year, we can only imagine the
incredible things that Mr. Ebun Aleshinloye
will accomplish and the new heights he will reach in his
artistic journey. We await with bated breath, and we promise you a
new round of outspoken illustrations this year.

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